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Is It Time For A Prayer Walk?

Recently, I have been talking to more and more people who have been taking prayer walks. These are intentional walks not only for physical exercise but also for spiritual practice; to walk and pray for others’ needs as they arise along the way. There is no set formula necessary to be followed. Anyone can pray at any time, anywhere, even as they are exercising. I have shared this link with additional information on ways to make your prayer walk more deliberate for those who want structure.

I have been told of incredible blessings by God in situations of inevitable loss after one of these walks. Another weekly prayer walk began with a pastor and his wife in a small town in WV. As the weeks wore on, they started noticing random people joining them as they walked and prayed for the city. The numbers grew and grew each week without even asking. That is the Holy Spirit at work. I know of others who call up friends for companionship, exercise, and prayer for others as they are walking. They’ve met many new people and have been able to speak the gospel of Christ along the way. So, if you have the physical ability to walk, why not consider doing your walking for Christ. Just another way to incorporate serving the Lord in your day to day routine.